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Eventually, our society will depend on robots as general-purpose helpers that will accompany us throughout our entire lives. This vision requires robots capable of learning motor skills by themselves to manipulate and interact with the world in a way that is useful for us. My work involves the investigation and proposition of learning control algorithms, particularly the representation and transferring of human motor skills as robot actions, and their implementation and validation using real platforms.

News and activities

  • September 2019. New accepted paper. Ewerton, M.; Arenz, O.; Maeda, G.; Koert, D.; Kolev, Z.; Takahashi, M.; Peters, J. (Accepted). “Learning Trajectory Distributions for Assisted Teleoperation and Path Planning”, Frontiers in Robotics and AI.
  • June 2019. New accepted paper. Celemin, C.; Maeda, G.; Ruiz-del-Solar, J.; Peters, J.; Kober, J. “Reinforcement Learning of Motor Skills using Policy Search and Human Corrective Advice” was accepted at the International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR). Accepted. [Pre-print][video]
  • June 2019. New paper. Ewerton, M.; Maeda, G.; Koert, D.; Kolev, Z.; Takahashi, M.; Peters, J. Reinforcement Learning of Trajectory Distributions: Applications in Assisted Teleoperation and Motion Planning. To be presented at the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). 2019.
  • May 2019. New paper. Lioutikov, R.; Maeda, G,; , Veiga, F.; Kersting, K.; Peters, J. “Learning Attribute Grammars for Movement Primitive Sequencing” was accepted at the International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR). [Pre-print].
  • April 2019. I am joining Preferred Networks (PFN) in Tokyo from May.
  • March 2019. New paper. Koc, O., Maeda, G., Peters, J. “Optimizing the Execution of Dynamic Robot Movements with Learning Control” was accepted at IEEE Transactions on Robotics (TRO). [pdf].


  • February 2019. I am serving as area chair for CoRL 2019.
  • September 2018. I am serving as Associate Editor for ICRA 2019 (as such, I am not reviewing papers submitted to ICRA 2019).
  • August 2018. New paper. “Reinforcement Learning of Phase Oscillators for Fast Adaptation to Moving Targets” was accepted to CoRL 2018! Check the paper and the video.
  • May 2018. I am presenting our latest work at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology as part of the “AI and Brain Science” and “Adaptive Circuit Shift” Joint Area Meeting in May.
  • May 2018. New Frontiers journal paper
    • Ewerton, M.; Rother, D.; Weimar, J.; Kollegger, G.; Wiemeyer, J.; Peters, J.; Maeda, G. (2018). Assisting Movement Training and Execution with Visual and Haptic Feedback, Frontiers in Neurorobotics.[pdf][BibTeX]
  • April 2018. New RAS journal paper
    • Koc, O., Maeda, G., Peters, J.  (2018). Online optimal trajectory generation for robot table tennis. Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS), vol. 105, pp. 121-137.[pdf][BibTeX]
  • I will be serving as Area Chair for CoRL 2018.
  • I am Associate Editor for IROS 2018.
  • Two papers accepted at ICRA 2018.
  • Presenting our work on active learning at CoRL 2017.
  • I am transitioning from TU Darmstadt to ATR.